Senior Prom

Grads Photography offer many different service items to help decorate, promote, and make your Prom the best it can be!

We understand that the photographer you choose can reflect on your committee's reputation. We are committed to making you (and all your students) LOOK GREAT! Celebrating 5 years experience with digital photography, we continue to develop innovative products and personalized service to ensure your Prom will offer every student unique portraits to share with friends and family.

Grads Photography is able to provide any product or service you are currently being offered, but our personal service and new products will impress you. Besides providing shirts, we also offer several different NEW Stugo products.

Got Lines?

If youĂ­re tired of spending more time in line for portraits than on the dance floor, we have solutions to guarantee everyone enjoys the evening!

After all the work planning, promoting, and decorating, we want you to enjoy the Prom. We are committed to creating a custom designed background to match your theme. From traditional drapes to something wild... we can do it. If you can dream it, we will work with your committee to make it a reality! Contact us today!